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Born: Upper Sandusky, OH  2/2/62
Currently Resides in: Medina, Ohio

Primary owners: Doug Neely, Charlie Mull, Ed Mullinax, Mario Caponi

Green, Gold and black, 265 Lbs., 6'4"

Although he rarely drives anymore, Clabaugh is a successful conditioner of raceway horses and is an expert at classifying them where they belong. His partnership with Neely put him on the map, and he has begun to pick up horses from other owners as well. His reputation as a great rehabilitator of horses with injury or lameness issues probably has to do with the fact that they spent a lot of time "down on the farm," just being horses.


Born: Cincinnati 9/30/1965
Currently Resides in: Stow, Ohio
Primary Owners: Self, Don Shafer, John Allen, Jr., Charles Ferrette,

Ehrhardt has a reputation for having a sharp eye, often picking up horses at "bargain" prices and turning them around. Among the top horses in the barn are Open Trotter Lucca's Revenge, claimed for $3,000 several years ago and Coastal Wind, an Open class horse who has battled back from a number of ailments. He is an astute judge of horseflesh and regulars know "first-time Ehrhardt," is just about money in the bank. 


Born: Garfield Hts.,OH 4/3/1979
Currently resides in: Northfield, OH

Colors: Gold, Red and White 5'10" 185 Lbs.

The son of Wall of Famer Bill Irvine and nephew of Don Irvine, Jr., is a regular top-five driver at the Flying Turns. He drives first call for D.J. Millner, which has helped his stats, as well as often picking up drives for his dad, William, and his aunt Janet, as well as Kevin Ehrhardt and John Perrin. Wyatt should hit the 1,000 win plateau later this season.


Born: Cuyahoga Falls, OH 6/30/1978
Currently Resides In: Northfield, OH

Gold/White/Cardinal Red 160 Lbs. "A-Rod "

Son of longtime regular Lanny Merriman came into his own at Northfield after winning driving titles at Raceway Park. Aaron won his first local driving title in 2006, edging Greg Grismore on the final weekend of the year. He repeated in 2007, 2008 and 2009 and seems assured of a five-peat this year, despite splitting time between Northfield and The Meadows. He currently leads ALL North American drivers in wins and recently won the $109,000 Courageous Lady Pace with Sand Windsor.

Born: Millersburg, OH  10/18/63
Currently Resides: Northfield

Blue/Gold/Light Blue 190 Lbs. 6'1"

Miller has been driving for over thirty years, and semi-retires early this century, but returned to driving full-time in 2008. 2009 was the best year of his career, as he won 152 races. He is approaching 1000 career wins, with a third of that total coming in the last three years. Miller drives first call for Buck Hollar, Rosy Weaver and  several smaller stables. 

Born: Medina, OH  3/11/85
Currently Resides In: Litchfield, OH
Primary Owners; David Slyman, Todd Rosenberg, Prestige Racing, David Phoeniz, Melinda Kash

Blue, Orange, 170 Lbs., 5'10"

Dennis recently earned his Provisional driving license, but with over 300 wins in just two full years of training, he may not be spending a lot of time in the sulky. He is currently managing a huge operation for his brother-in-law, Keith Kash., Jr., and is having success both at Northfield Park and Buffalo Raceway. He works with a number of hands-on owners, including Dan Berdysz (Prestige Racing) who manage their own stables and posts his numbers on volume. Just 25, he has a great future ahead of him

John Oliverio


Born: Cleveland, OH 8/28/1957
Currently Resides in: Aurora, OH
Primary Owners: Martin Yoder, Team Bendis, Al Melega,    

Oliverio, a perennial top-ten Northfield trainer with raceway horses, has expanded into the colt business in the last several years with great success. Known as a hard worker who keeps his racehorses going and is adept at dealing with rehabilitating well-bred horses with soundness problems. He also works a shuttle arrangement with Meadows trainer Randy Bendis, allowing the two to find the best possible spots for all their horses.

Born: Toledo, OH 10.29/62
Currently resides in: Independence, Ohio
Primary owners: Jim Koran, Daryl Sherman, Burke Racing

Green, white and orange  160 Lbs., 5'10"

Sherman is an expert at classifying raceway horses, but also is a talented trainer of young stock, especially trotters. Although he has started to race at other tracks due to the tough state of Ohio racing, he continues to win races on a regular basis at Northfield, with support from father Daryl, a former OHHA President and booster of Ohio racing. Sherman has a similar shuttle agreement with Burke Racing to John Oliverio's arrangement with Randy Bendis, assuring his horses are raced appropriately at any of a half-dozen tracks.



Born: Willard, OH 3/16/1978
Currently Resides: Republic, Ohio

Red and Gold 180 Lbs. "Win 'em All Stahl" 

A second generation horseman and all-around athlete in high school Stahl went over the 1,000 career win mark early in 2007 and has been a top three driver at Northfield ever since. That summer, he picked up his first track record, steering Hello Yankie to victory in $20,000 Ohio Sires Stake. Ryan is getting first call from a number including Kent Sherman, Eric Hamlet and Pat melloy, Jr.. He also owns a small stable of his own horses under the tutelage of Kent Sherman and Alan Smith.

Born: Bowling Green, Ohio 10/03/69
Current Residence; Polk, Ohio

Green, Gray  & White,  170 Lbs. 5'8"

A third generation horseman from one of the first families of Ohio racing, Kurt is a throwback-- a driver trainer who has conditioned world champions Dunkster and Blastaway Sahbra, and is also a perrennial top-ten driver in the local standings. Best known for his work with trotters, he has also campaigned outstanding pacers for Dean Davis and others  

Clair Umholtz



Born: Conneaut, OH 9/27/1956
Currently Resides in: Sagamore Hills
Primary Owners: Kennedy Sports Corp, Umholtz Racing Stable, Ngaire Umholtz, T.M. Saunders

Blue and Gold, 180 Lbs, 5'10"

An Ashtabula county native, Umholtz has started more horses at Northfield Park than any trainer in the track's history, averaging 450 starts a year for the past 20 years! He is a member of Northfield's Wall of Fame and is considered a patient conditioner of young horses. He has over 1200 driving wins and nearly as many training wins (a stat that has not been kept as long).

John Wengerd



Born: Mt. Eaton, OH 2/11/1986
Currently Resides In:Dundee, Ohio

Blue/White "J.D." 5'8" 145 Lbs.

From an Amish upbringing, Johnnie D has become is one of the top young drivers in Ohio and has traveled to drive in stakes races in New York and Pennsylvania as well. An aggressive pilot who is also an adept judge of horseflesh, Wengerd drives and trains several of his own and drives first call for a number of trainers including Andy Coblentz, Ernie Smith and several from Holmes county. He has recently branched out, racing at Hoosier Park and Scioto Downs, as well.



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